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Product Review

Who can write a product review on bonzokidslifestyle.com?

Anyone who has an account with bonzokidslifestyle.com can write a product review.
Are there any specific rules that need to be followed while writing a review?

No, there are no specific rules which need to be followed while writing a review. However we have we put together some guidelines which can be followed while writing a product review
1. Be Precise and Specific
While writing a product review you should keep in mind the fact that other bonzokidslifestyle users might use your review to form a judgment, whether to select the product or not. Therefore a precise, specific & unbiased product review plays a critical part and would always help a customer make a better choice about which product to buy.

2. Don't keep any loose ends
Always keep all the details provided well settled and explained. Incomplete or inaccurate information will not help any customer other than confusing them about the product.

3.Spell what is required

A good review should serve the most basic purpose i.e. what you liked/disliked about the product and why with the exact details.

4. Remove distractions from review

Before submitting the review for moderation it is wise to spell check and proofread your review accurately.

What needs to be avoided while writing a review?

bonzokidslifestyle reserves the right to not include the product review that include any one or more of the following -
1. Inappropriate content - like promotional information or phone numbers. 2. Information not related to product - Shipment/Delivery Experience, availability, ordering etc 3. Inaccuracies in product information & product catalogue. 4. References - to other retailers, pricing, personal information etc. 5. Copying and pasting text from other reviews, guides, or sources. 6. Comments on other reviews posted on the product page. 7. Foreign language content. 8. Off-topic information or obscene content. 9. Irrelevant user IDs or email ids used for posting reviews.