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About us


Bonzo kids is a lifestyle for kids and babies which provide kids to wear at a very affordable price, with the best quality of clothing around you. Bonzo has a rich history in Production and supply for more than 15 years. It has four (4) years of experience in retails with a huge marketing network across the country.
Exposure in the e-commerce field, of approximately 10 years. Bonzo Kids have a whole setup manufacturing of its own where they manufacture their own branded clothing of world-class fabric exported from the best part of the world across different lands. Not only their fabric, here you will get more than 100 branded clothes of different big multinational brands of kids. One gets a variety of choices among different best brands all at a reasonable price with a lot more offers and discounts awaiting. Bonzo Kids is a successfully running business that is also famous in many big cities across India along with the happy customers that keep on adding in the family. We come up with different ideas now and then with a lot of different designs and costumes with different looks and traditions all over the globe, with the best fabric which makes your child all comfy and happy. Bonzo with there excellent product and services ensure to enrich the lifestyle of its customers. All the ideas are new and self- oriented. The company has a branch only working on the ideas and the concepts which are required for continuous grooming of the setup. Any suggestions are always welcomed.


Bonzo Kids are releasing some new exciting things to attract those customers who are in the search of the best and have not met us yet. Bonzo Kids are introducing the Traditional Hub which will be conducted at a different part of the country at a different time of the year. This will help us to be acknowledged by the new faces around who have been searching for a brand like us. We are also looking for the suppliers, who can place orders for us and get us deliveries on time and can be a part of our business. The business deal made by them will be all written and transparent and we can assure them that they will be delighted to do business with us. The payments will now be done instantly as real time payment. Payment methods will be of various types including net banking, cash, cards, etc. The payment duration will be of T+1 days of working days. The payments will be done on time and will be handled with care by our administrative branch. Bonzo believe in teamwork and provide fast payments to its partners to build transparent business solutions for its manufacturer, supplier, and partners.
The whole process will be an automatic and complete system based on the least manual interference.
The services will be customer delight and they may differ from time to time, season to season.
Regarding customers, we are trying our best to provide all the services as par our approach to them.
Our services will be fast and trustworthy. We have our delivery scheme, we provide home delivery at various discounts. Bonzo is a believer in customer services and tries to provide its customers with doorstep service. We also have our stores in different cities, mainly tier 1 and tier2 cities. We also a setup of exchange stores in different areas where one can change their purchases due to any problem that does not satisfy their needs or causes any kind of problem. The exchange will not be any tricky part and will not take much time. The process will be short and simple as much as possible. Many new features will be introduced from time to time as our family expands.
If you think of more variety of products, fast services, transparent working, and classic brands for your kids then Bonzo is the answer to all your questions as a customer, a partner or a manufacturer.


Online System
We have our online setup regarding all the issues and requirements of our customers. We have our own website namely www.bonzokids.com where one can find all the various range and variety of clothing for younger ones. The payment, return and supplier business is online as well.

The work performed by our branches and authorities is completely transparent and reliable where one can trust and blindly. The business weather it is selling or getting our supplies from different organizations, the payment method, as well as the amount, will be transparent. Regarding customers, the quality of our products is undoubtedly phenomenal as well as outstanding.

Real-Time Data Analysis
We have hired statistical analyst with experience who keep an eye on the data as well as the trends in the market regarding kids, they also take care of the quality of the products and their costing so that it can be provided to the customers at the best rate possible.

We sell all required items in kids lifestyle from apparel to footwears to baby care to toys to stationery. We cover different niches with the best service and product quality.
We are available in Tier 1 as Hubs with Master Franchise and Tier 2 and 3 is connected to the hubs through various channels. We believe in connecting peoples through our lifestyle and changing the trend.

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